What is the "Meat Sweats" feeling like?

If you have to ask what the "meat sweats" feeling is like, you've never tried hard enough. The fellas at GQ Magazine have a wonderful write-up in the link below.


Should I buy MeatSweats?

The two main things that you control in life are what you eat and what you wear. MeatSweats has combined those elements into the perfect pant for you. While we can't give medical advice to treat that "meat sweats" feeling, we can give comfort advice.  These hybrid sweatpant-pajama pants help cure that exhausted feeling of protein and hard work.  Everyone's outfit has a purpose, so get a pair for yourself AND a friend.

To the all the moms out there reading this, you know that while your son may not like your casserole, he devours any type of meat you made for a reason. He needs these. 

Want to be one of our merchandisers?

Do you own a BBQ joint or butcher shop and want to provide your customers some meat relief after their meal? Contact getmeatsweats@gmail.com and we would love to meat with you.


When will my order be shipped?

We strive to process orders as quickly as we possibly can. Orders placed Monday thru Friday are usually shipped within 48 hours. 

When will my order be delivered?

Once processed, all orders will be shipped priority by USPS. Shipments deliver within 3-4 business days to most US locations.

Can you ship to an address that’s outside the US?

Nope, MeatSweats are staying in the United Steaks of America for now.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has shipped you will receive an email with tracking information.